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The Work behind the clay

Styles Offered

Simply Classy!

Simple and Smaller designs with just a hint of detail.

Stud it up!

A tiny way to express your style with a fun color, shape or design for an everyday look.

Make a Statement!

Elevate any simple look with these statement size earrings .


Here you will find My Collection of Handmade Polymer "Klay" Jewlery that is designed and carefully crafted to insure quality styles that you will love.

Meet The Maker

My story....

Hello and Welcome! My name is Kristina aka "Kris", and I am the owner of Klay by Kris. I found my interest in Polymer Clay Earrings last summer and began my Journey by educating myself on how to create beautiful earrings. I started because I really just wanted to create earrings for myself during the pandemic and when I began the process, I realized how much I enjoy it! That's when I thought to myself why not make and share my earrings with others. Sometimes we just need a creative outlet and I am really glad that I can express myself in my work. My goal is to have fun and make earrings that bring the feeling of joy and beauty. I am so grateful for all the love, support and excitement I have recieved so far, and I can't wait to see what becomes of Klay by Kris!

- Kris